Saturday, 26 January 2008

What is Cashmere?

What is Cashmere? is the most frequently asked question about cashmere. And being this as the first post on this blog, I decided that what is cashmere? is perfect subject for my first post.

Cashmere is a type of wool. It is very soft, warm and light in weight. Due to these properties cashmere is used to manufacture various clothing items e.g. Cashmere Scarves, sweaters for winter.

Cashmere wool is made from the fine undercoat fibres produced by a Cashmere goat.

“Cashmere” name has been derived from “Kashmir” a state in north of India bordering Pakistan and China. Kashmir is considered as first source of cashmere from where cashmere was imported to various parts of world. India, China, Tibet, Pakistan and Nepal are considered as main sources of cashmere. But as demands of cashmere is increasing day by day new places across world have started producing cashmere. For example recently high altitudes of Scotland and Kazakhstan have also started producing cashmere.

The U.S. Wool Products Labelling Act of 1939, defines Cashmere as

  • Fine undercoat fibres produced by a cashmere goat
  • the average diameter of the fibre less than 19 micron
  • coefficient of variation should not be more than 24%
  • coarse hair content (hairs with diameter great than 30 micron) should not be more than 3%(by weight)

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Author: This post is written by Sahota from Cashmere Guide - Your Guide to 100% Pure Cashmere who also runs an online shop UNIQLOOKS for cashmere scarf lovers.


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Interesting to know definition of cashmere.

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I always wanted to know the definiion of cashmere !!! Thanks!!! =)